Newsletter 29.

BSI Audit

Following our recent BSi Audit, RTK had no major or minor non-conformities. As well as being a Strategy Review Audit, this audit also covered RTK’s transition to ISO9001:2008. This new standard is an extension of the previous one and includes more requirements to assess Risk, Succession Planning (training) and Effectiveness of Corrective Actions. RTK Managing Director, Paul Hartley, reported: “The BSI Auditor was again very impressed with our business practice and how we measured and controlled our performance, he commended RTK on our Quality Management System.”

New Quality Manager

Following the retirement of Patrick Norton in July, we are pleased to welcome Will Feehally as RTK’s new Quality Manager. Will has undertaken this role in his previous position at Norgren. Will plans on maintaining and improving on the standards and systems set up and run by Patrick as well as introducing new ideas to improve the Quality Systems and efficiencies within RTK. He will initially focus on customer service levels ensuring that RTK is able to meet and exceed the needs of the market. Will will also work with the supply chain to monitor and improve the quality and service of our suppliers and this will have a direct impact on the level of service we provide to our customers.

If you have any queries or issues relating to Quality, please contact Will directly

Newsletter 28.

SIL725 Safety Annunciator applications in Nuclear Industry

Safety is of paramount importance in the nuclear industry and a key component in nuclear safety systems is the alarm annunciator. Alarm annunciators are considered vital tools in modern safety systems because they provide an additional layer of protection in the safety strategy on the plant. Now that functional safety issues are gaining importance, these concepts are been applied to all modern control equipment and IEC61508 is the acceptable international standard which deals with the functional safety of electrical or electronic safety-related systems. It is often a requirement for all safety-related equipment to comply with the SIL requirements of IEC61508. The new SIL725 Safety Annunciator from RTK Instruments complies with IEC 61508 and has a safety integrity level of SIL2.

Given the growing emphasis on functional safety assessment and risk reduction, and the importance of the role of annunciators in safety planning, the combination of user flexibility and SIL2 certification in the SIL725 Safety Annunciator will be very valuable to all those involved in instrumentation in the worldwide process industry, and particularly the nuclear industry.

Please contact any prospects in the nuclear industry and introduce the SIL725 to them as well as to other prospects who may require annunciators as part of a Safety Instrumented System (SIS).

For further information on our SIL725 Safety Annunciator, click here to view the product on our website.

Instruction Manual for SIL725 Safety Annunciator now available

Following the recent launch of our SIL2 certified SIL725 Safety Annunciator, the instruction manual for this unit is now available to download from our website, click here to view the manual online.

White LEDs as standard for the P725 Annunciator

In order to enable us to improve lead times and to offer more flexibility to our customers, the P725 Annunciator is now to be supplied with white surface mount LEDs as standard. Previously, coloured LEDs were placed behind coloured windows. The movement towards the standard white LEDs behind coloured windows will allow customers more flexibility to alter the colour configuration of the windows during the life of the product simply by changing the filters.

Newsletter 27.

New Safe Area Multitone Sounder

In response to requests from customers for a safe area sounder, RTK are pleased to announce the launch of our new SA5 Safe Area Multitone Sounder, a high specification, cost effective alarm Sounder with a maximum sound output of 112dBA.

The SA5 Sounder offers a choice of 32 tones which are user selectable using a DIL switch during installation. A second tone is available which can be switched in by the connection of a third wire to the sounder. The IP65 rated casing provides a high level of durability and resistance to environmental conditions. Its wide operating voltage (9-28VDC) and low current consumption make it flexible in operation. All connections are made to the base and the sounder head twists and locks into position on commissioning, thus avoiding wiring and connection problems.

The SA5 Multitone Sounder is a cost effective, high output, durable safe area sounder, designed for reliability and flexibility in operation. Full product details are available on our website (Click here), including datasheet, instruction manual and press release.

In addition to this safe area Sounder, we also offer an intrinsically safe sounder, the DB5 Intrinsically Safe Sounder, full details of which can be found on our website.

RTK wins order from Benshaw

RTK Instruments, with the help of our representative in Houston, Texas, (Process Signals) and our representative in Twinsburg, Ohio (I & C Sales), has received a large order from Benshaw Inc for providing RTK’s newest 725B Alarm Annunciator/Event Recorder.

Benshaw designs and installs mission critical motor controls and drives for continuous process industries. The 725B System with 1ms time stamping will be used to monitor critical motor controls remotely via the Ethernet port by utilising RTK’s Alarm Management Software, INDICIUM, and view the time stamped events to determine the fault conditions.

The 725B Annunciator/Event Recorder is the most advanced alarm monitoring system available today with features such as:

  • Event Recorder with 1ms time stamping
  • RTK’s unique multi-redundant alarm cards which remove the need for common CPU or service module and hence there is no single point of system failure. All alarm cards in the system are automatically able to act as the master controller.
  • Integral universal power supplies (85-264vac or 88-360vdc)
  • Integral pushbuttons and dual audible horns
  • Ultra-bright White LED illumination which offers a maintenance free solution
  • The ability to remotely view the alarms via Indicium over the Internet

The 725B offers a complete alarm monitoring system and represents the best investment in protection for your industrial plant. Click here for further information on this product.

Newsletter 26.

Launch of SIL2 rated Safety Annunciator

We are pleased to announce the launch of our SIL2 rated SIL725 Safety Annunciator, a product designed and manufactured to provide a high safety integrity for critical alarm applications and for use as a component part of a safety instrumented system. Launch packs containing datasheets, features and benefits, press release and certificates are being sent out to each key contact at all our worldwide agents. These details are also available on our website.

Our SIL725 Safety Annunciator is third party certified by SIRA using CASS methodology to safety integrity level 2 to IEC61508. The annunciator has a modular construction which will ensure that whatever the size and complexity of your alarm scheme, the SIL725 can be configured to provide the best solution. Units can be constructed from 1 to 128 channels, with a choice of two window sizes and 6 colours. Illumination is by ultra-bright LED. This Annunciator uses our field proven multi-redundant design to ensure there is no single point of system failure. All alarm cards in the SIL725 can act as master controller. Panel or 19” rack mounting units are available, or units can be fully integrated into wall mounting or floor standing enclosures.

Each individual alarm way is fully configurable from the front, allowing the user to select many different operating functions and alarm sequences. The SIL725 Annunciator has common safety related relay outputs which are SIL2 compliant and can be used as part of a safety instrumented system. Each Annunciator can have up to two Horn relays and two Group relays and each alarm channel can be configured to drive any of these common relays. This combination of user flexibility and SIL2 certification is a world exclusive feature which will be very valuable to all those involved in instrumentation for the worldwide process industry.

Newsletter 25.

DA149 Intrinsically Safe Relay

RTK Instrument’s DA149 Intrinsically Safe Relays allow control signals and other data to be exchanged between items of equipment in hazardous areas and between hazardous area and safe area equipment. The range consists of four models, two of which are designed for safe area location and two of which can be located within hazardous areas. The slimline units are suitable for universal DIN-rail mounting.

The DA149 Relays require very little power and therefore they do not affect operation of other connected equipment. The inputs and outputs of these relays are certified equivalent to ‘simple apparatus’ which means they can be included in any intrinsically safe loop without further certification. The inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated so the relays do not require an earth connection.

If you would like further information of the DA149 IS Relays including datasheet, instruction manual and press release, please click here or please contact the Sales Team.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Feedback

Following recent analysis of the results our customer satisfaction survey, we are now pleased to give you some feedback on our findings and our actions on issues raised in the responses received.

The average percentage score given to RTK by our customers was 82%, which is one of our highest scores received since we began formally monitoring customer feedback. Positive comments received include ‘Keep up the good work’, ‘good product, no cause for complaint’, ‘good professional help’…..

We noted the constructive criticisms received, the main one requesting a reduction in lead time. RTK is now putting in place procedures to improve lead times on our ranges of alarm annunciators, these include the Wall Mounting Annunciator and the 725B Combined Annunciator/Event Recorder. Methods we are using include consignment stock, Kanban and call off orders giving us more control on supply of components. We are dealing directly with more of our suppliers rather than going through distributors and holding larger stock levels. We have introduced a Pareto (barcoding) system of stock control to some of our stock lines to avoid shortages of key components.

We are also analysing our processes in the manufacture of specials production with the aim of achieving additional Lead Time Reduction. Our parent company, Cooper Crouse-Hinds, runs a company wide Manufacturing Variance Programme (MVP) to standardise production processes and remove non-value added activity, eliminating waste and duplication. Two members of the RTK team have completed two five day training programmes and are in the process of applying their knowledge initially to our Wall Mounting Annunciator process.

It should be noted that whilst RTK apply “standard” lead times to all their quotes if a specific delivery is required then please contact our UK Sales team who will advise on the best possible delivery date. RTK aims to remain competitive on lead time and will do everything possible to protect/win an order against our competitors.

We were recently audited as part of our compliance to BSI Quality Management System and passed the audit with no non-conformities. The auditor commented on the high standard of our customer satisfaction survey procedures. We aim to continue to improve this area of our compliance.

Again, I would like to thank those of you who completed the survey - we appreciate your feedback. If you have not yet had chance to complete the survey and wish to do so, click here. If you do have any further comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Newsletter 24.

S10 Intrinsically Safe Multiplexer

The S10 Multiplexer was introduced as the world’s first intrinsically safe Multiplexer and it continues to provide a cost-effective means of transferring digital signals from a hazardous area to a safe area, particularly during plant expansion. We are now actively promoting the S10 Multiplexer. Please click here to view the updated S10 details on our website. The new S10 datasheet, instruction manual and press release can be viewed on our website.

This compact Multiplexer is simple to understand and use and can provide a cost effective means of plant expansion. Power and signals are transmitted over a single cable pair, thus reducing cabling time, the number of barriers and therefore cost. The hazardous area transmitter is encapsulated to meet the ATEX requirements.

If you have any queries regarding the Multiplexer, please contact the Sales Team.

DA170 Pushbuttons

In addition to our standard DA170 Intrinsically Safe LED Clusters which offer reliable high brightness visual indication for hazardous areas, RTK Instruments provide a complementary range of pushbuttons, selector switches and emergency-stop buttons. Selected pushbuttons and switches can be supplied in either illuminated or non-illuminated versions, thus giving your intrinsically safe control panel an excellent and consistent appearance. Our DA170 datasheet contains further information on these matching Switches and Pushbuttons. Please click here to view more detials online.

Winner of ipod announced

We recently ran an incentive to encourage completion of our Customer Satisfaction Survey and we are pleased to announce that the winner of the ipod is Angelos Pseftelis from TCB Avgidis Automation in Greece and the ipod nano 8GB has been despatched.

We received a pleasing number of completed surveys and our Quality Manager, Patrick Norton, is currently analysing the responses. We do value your responses and will endeavour to make any necessary improvements in our products and services. We will provide feedback to the participants in due course.

Many thanks to those of you who completed the survey - we appreciate your feedback.

Newsletter 23.

RTK Launch New Website

2009 sees the launch of our new look website. The design is clean and modern and we have improved the layout, usability and navigation of the site. The new website and the recently launched new Product Guide bring RTK branding in line with MTL branding and give a coherent company image.

Please take a moment to have a look at the new website. The new site focuses on the four new key product areas: Alarm Annunciators, Event Recorders, Hazardous Area Notification and Engineered Solutions, which have already been introduced in our new Product Guide.

All our latest products are included on the site including the Wall Mounting Alarm Annunciator, DA180 Giant LED Cluster, DA132 IS Sounder, S10 IS Multiplexer and DA149 IS Relay. From each product page you can download the latest revisions of datasheets and instruction manuals, as well as Certificates, Press Releases and Application notes.

We plan to keep the new site current with changing news stories on the home page. Previous newsletters can be viewed on the ‘News’ section.

Newsletter 22.

Chance to win an ipod

At RTK Instruments we are committed to International Quality Assurance standard ISO9001 and, as part of this, we encourage feedback from our customers and agents on our products and services.

We would like to offer you the chance to win an Apple ipod nano 8GB by completing our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Please click here to complete the survey which should only take a few minutes and we will randomly draw a winner from those completed surveys received by 31st January.

In addition to completing the survey yourselves, please forward the link to the survey to your customers. We do value your and their responses and will endeavour to make any necessary improvements in our products and services. We will provide feedback by email direct to all participants in the survey.

Good luck and thank you in anticipation.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work in promoting RTK Instruments in 2008 and to wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2009.

Newsletter 21.

New Product Summary

As you know, we have recently printed our new 12 page Product Guide which replaces our Shortform Catalogue.

In addition to the Product Guide, we have designed a 2 page Product Summary Sheet, which is available on our website. Click here to view.

We are now working on the translated versions of the Product Summary. We would be grateful to anyone who is able to help us translate this short document into their own language. We would then send you a supply of the printed versions for your own promotional use. Please contact us if you are able to help.

In the meantime, our original translations of the Shortform are available online.

Datasheet for Wall Mounting Annunciators

As we have now established the wall mounted versions of the 725 Series and 725B Annunciators as standard products, we have introduced a new datasheet to provide the relevant technical information.

This datasheet defines the full details of the standard product including the enclosure type, terminal and wiring details etc. Please bear in mind, however, that many clients have a specific requirement for their wall mounted version and our Engineering Solutions Team can always cater for these options.

Please make your customers aware that RTK can now provide this wall mounting option as a standard product.

Click here to download this datasheet.

End User Newsletter

Last month we sent our first customer newsletter which was sent directly to our existing customers and prospects using our own database, as well as to all our agents. The aim of these newsletters is to increase awareness of new and existing RTK products and ultimately to boost sales.

Any enquiries received from the newsletters will, of course, be directed to the appropriate agent for that area.

These newsletters are in a format suitable for forwarding on to your own customer base. This is a cost effective and proven method of keeping your customers informed. Just forward the emailed newsletter and remove the forwarding headings. If anyone is interested in sending a customised newsletter directly from themselves, we would be able to help adapt the existing customer newsletter to suit.

725B Annunciator Application Story

RTK Instruments, with the help of our representative in New Jersey (Process Tech), has received a large order from Tyco Telecommunications in the US to provide RTK’s newest 725B Alarm Annunciator/Event Recorder.

Tyco Telecommunications has been supplying undersea fiber optic communications systems around the world for over 50 years. Some of the industries that Tyco gets involved with are telecommunication carriers, internet providers and offshore oil & gas platforms.

RTK Instruments supplied Tyco with the 725B Alarm Annunciator/Event Recorder to monitor all critical alarm inputs coming from their equipment, which is continuously checking communication status from the oil platform to the control room located on mainland

The 725B Annunciator is the most advanced alarm monitoring system available today with features such as:
  • Event recorder with 1ms time stamping
  • RTK’s unique multi-redundant alarm cards which removes the need for common CPU or service module and hence there is no single point of system failure. All alarm cards in the system are automatically able to act as the Master controller.
  • Integral universal power supplies (85-264vac) or 88-360vdc.
  • Integral pushbuttons and dual audible horns.
  • Ultra-bright white LED illumination which offers a maintenance free solution
  • The ability to remotely view the alarms via the Internet.
The 725B Annunciator offers a complete alarm monitoring system and represents the best investment in protection for any industrial plant. If you have any similar applications or clients in your area, please introduce the 725B.

Click here for full information on the 725B.

Newsletter 20.

Re-branding of RTK product lines

We are in the process of changing all our marketing material in a major re-branding exercise to focus on our four key product areas where we have world leading, innovative and competitive products and services.

The new groupings are as follows: -
  1. Alarm Annunciators
  2. Event Recorders
  3. Hazardous Area Notification
  4. Engineered Solutions
Our new 12 page Product Guide has now been printed and is also available on the website. The new Product Guide brings the RTK branding in line with the MTL branding, giving a coherent company image, and includes recently launched products such as the 725B Annunciator, DA132 IS Multitone Sounder and DA180 IS Giant LED Clusters.

We are also working on re-branding the website and the final stage will be the production of new RTK Sales CDs.

Please let us know if you need some of these printed Product Guides and how many. We have both an A4 and US sized Product Guide available. In the meantime please, click here to view or download the new Product Guide from our website.

Exhibition at Sellafield

RTK Instruments exhibited at a Decommissioning Exhibition at Sellafield in the UK in September. Much interest was expressed in our SIL725 Safety Annunciator, which is currently awaiting final certification before launch. Shortly after the exhibition one of the key safety providers at Sellafield visited RTK’s premises and is extremely interested in this new Annunciator. As soon as we receive final certification on this product, we will be sending out full details to all agents/rep companies. Watch this space!

RTK will have a stand at a further Sellafield exhibition, this time at Risley entitled ‘Cost reduction, efficiency gains and safety improvements in CE&I systems’. This event will provide further opportunities for RTK to meet key specifiers in the safety aspect of the nuclear industry and enable us to showcase our soon to be released new Annunciator.

DA132 IS Multitone Horn Success Story

RTK Instruments, with the help of Adaptive Controls (our representative in Texas), has received a large order from Carlton-Bates, and being accepted on their approved vendor list for providing RTK’s newest DA132 Intrinsically Safe Multi-Tone Horn.

Carlton-Bates is a large electronic parts distributor with branches all over the United States. They came to RTK Instruments in search of a competitively priced Intrinsically Safe Horn, as the horn they had been buying from a competitor had increased in price to an unacceptable level. After receiving a demo DA132 horn and providing testing at the end customer site, they were satisfied with the results and all the features the DA132. RTK Instruments is now on Carlton-Bates approved vendor list which allows all the locations across the United States to accept orders on these IS horns.

Some of the features the DA132 IS horn has are:
  • ATEX and IECEx certified (Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T4)
  • Greater than 100dBA output
  • 32 user selectable sounds
  • Two distinctive signals can be switched remotely
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Low power consumption offers application flexibility
Click here to review the DA132 Intrinsically Safe Datasheet online.

Newsletter 19.

Updated Zone 2 Annunciator

The NEX7250 Annunciator is now being shipped fully compliant to the new EN60079-15 Type “n” Standard for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas.

The new Standard is more stringent than the earlier Standard but the NEX7250 has passed without any issues. Thus, all the powerful features of this unique product are still available but under the new standard. Please visit our website for full product details.

Ex Interface System for Nuclear Plant

To replace some existing obsolete equipment on site at a UK based Nuclear power generation facility, the Systems Team have created a combined alarm and interface system for use within a Zone 2 area. The package consisted of a NEX7250 Zone 2 Annunciator (see above) linked to interface components such as Zone 2 PSU and Intrinsically Safe Isolators to interface with equipment in a Zone 1 area. The system was engineered and designed as a self-certified Zone 2 unit, complete with full technical construction file to enable the client to see all the component details and certificates and make installation and commissioning as simple as possible.

If you have any possible applications for Ex systems, then our Engineered Solutions team would be pleased to assist with the design and can quote for the complete system design, build, certification and documentation.

Ex d version of the 725B Annunciator now available

The Baseefa certified PEX7250 Explosion Proof Annunciator for use in Zone 1 or Zone 21 (dust) environments has been upgraded to include the 725B Combined Annunciator/Event Recorder. The 725B Annunciator is our latest, most innovative Alarm Annunciator and includes advanced diagnostics, full programmability and the option of time-stamping to 1ms.

New 725B Annunciator features

Did you know the 725B Alarm Annunciator can now be supplied with not only the integral PSU board but with an integral dual redundant universal power supply? These can accept a supply of 85-264VAC or 88-360VDC. Typically, this will be used to give a secure supply from a 125VDC battery source and 110VAC auxiliary supply.

Another option now available on the 725B is the Ground Fault detection board. This monitors the mains leakage current on the earth line to ensure this does not go beyond acceptable safe limits. If a fault is sensed the front LEDs will flash and a diagnostic relay will de-energise to alert an operator externally.

Newsletter 18.

725B Annunciator/Event Recorder Promotion

Sales of our 725B Annunciator/Event Recorder are consistently growing as we increase are market share and break into new sectors with this world leading innovative and cost effective product.

Power Point Presentation

In order to assist your Sales Teams with the promotion of the 725B Annunciator, we have created a PowerPoint presentation on this product which highlights the main features and benefits of the product. To download this powerful sales tool, click here. In addition, full product details are available on our website.

Demo Units

We have always found the best way to sell these products is to get a unit in front of the customer. In this way, the salesperson can directly demonstrate the features, flexibility and how easy the unit is to programme. In order to assist our partners with this we are now making demo units available. These will include power supplies, switches to trigger alarms and LEDs to show relay operation. We can provide these to all sales channels for a cost of £150 each, which is a part contribution towards the materials we use on these demo units. Please contact our Sales Team if you wish to take up this offer of a demo unit and we can ship by return.

Newsletter 17.

Rapid Delivery on Wall-mounted Alarm Annunciators

Following numerous requests from our customers looking for "standard" wall-mounted alarm annunciators, we have now put in place systems to enable a quick turnaround from quote, through order acknowledgement, the drawing stage and production, to delivery. Our initial target is to quote delivery times of four weeks for standard wall-mounted annunciators, which is close to our three week lead time for our standard annunciator package.

This system is now ready to be implemented. Please call us with any requirements you may have. We will shortly be adding a new datasheet for these products to the website.

In instances where non-standard requirements for wall mounted annunciators are requested, such as Stainless Steel enclosures, we will still offer an efficient service, although the standard lead-time may not apply.

We know from a pricing assessment that we can beat our competitors and hence, if we can improve on their delivery times, it should present a significant opportunity for RTK.

Full range of hazardous area Alarm products

Following the recent additions of our DA180 Series Intrinsically Safe Giant LED Clusters and DA132 Intrinsically Safe Sounder to our range of Hazardous area alarm products, RTK Instruments has now become a very significant player in the hazardous area alarm market. In addition, following the acquisition of RTK by the MTL Instruments Group, we are now able to offer complete solutions using the full MTL product range to produce complete alarm systems for hazardous areas designed exactly to our customers’ requirements.

Our full range of hazardous area products is displayed on the website , offering zone 1, zone 2 and intrinsically safe products, including Sounders, Beacons, LED Clusters, Light Towers, as well as the unique NEX7250 Zone 2 Annunciator, the PEX7250 Explosion Proof Annunciator and the LN1000 Intrinsically Safe Annunciator.

Expanded Systems Team

RTK has had some significant success in the design, supply and support of alarm systems and hazardous area systems for many process and power industries around the world. These systems, designed to the client’s own detailed specifications and built to order, currently make up over 25% of the RTK business. As this area of the business continues to expand, particularly the hazardous area systems, we have expanded the Systems Team with a new Administrator and new CAD/Project Engineer. This will enable the team to respond faster and be able to take on bigger and more complex projects on behalf of our direct clients and members of the MTL Sales channels.

725B Powerpoint Presentation

To assist you with the sales and marketing of our successful 725B Combined Annunciator and Event Recorder we've created a presentation. To download the presentation in PDF or PowerPoint format, click here. This provides a fantastic sales tool for all our agents.

RTK sponsors local team

As part of our commitment to links with the community, this year RTK has sponsored our local junior football team in Harrogate. We contributed to a new strip for the two Under 8 teams. We are pleased to report that, following a fantastic season, one of the teams won the league in their first competitive year. Well done!

Newsletter 16.

Launch of DA132 Intrinsically Safe Multitone Sounder

We are pleased to announce the launch of our DA132 Intrinsically Safe Multitone Sounder. This intrinsically safe sounder is certified to Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 and has an output greater than 100dBA. It is ideally suited for use in areas of high ambient noise and, for extreme noise levels, can be linked to our DA135 Intrinsically Safe Beacon. The DA132 Sounder has a choice of 32 tones, including all the major international standards, all of which are selectable using a DIL switch. Easy to install, with IP65 rugged housing, 32 user selectable tones and over 100dBA output, we believe this product is unique in the market place.

A launch pack has been sent out to all agents. Full details are available on our website, including datasheet, instructions sheet and press release.

NEX7250 – Hazardous Area Annunciator System Success Story

The RTK representative for Texas (Adaptive Controls) received an order from a local customer, Oil States Industries, for a programmable alarm annunciator system to be mounted in a hazardous area location.

Oil States Industries manufactures offshore marine cranes for offshore platforms that often require ATEX crane cabin alarm systems to allow the crane operator to monitor all functions and conditions of the crane. These cranes are usually installed on fixed and floating platforms. The NEX7250 annunciator system was used to monitor the hoist and engine condition of a crane.

The annunciator system was mounted inside the cab as seen in the photo to the left.

The NEX7250 Hazardous Area Alarm Annunciator system offers a range of features normally reserved for use in safe area annunciators only. Some of the features that are available are:
  • System size from 2 to 164 alarm points
  • 3 different window sizes
  • Six different LED colors available
  • Programmable system for sequences and many other options
  • Serial Communication port
  • Individual Opto isolated field contact inputs
  • 5 programmable relay outputs – 2 horns, 2 groups and 1 multifunction
The NEX7250 has built on the success of previous designs using ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology but taking the design to new levels of reliability. With this design, there is no common CPU (flasher module) which could cause complete system failure. All alarm cards in the NEX7250 unit can act as the master Controller (Flasher). This design combined with the huge reduction in component count gives a far higher Mean Time between Failures. Please click here for further information on RTK’s NEX7250 Hazardous Area Alarm Annunciator.

Links to RTK website

May we request that all agents and trade partners ensure that RTK Instruments is listed as a principal on their own website with the correct company logo. We also request that each partner also includes a link from their website to ours. This helps direct traffic to our website, and as a consequence will help with our search engine optimisation and ultimately your sales leads and opportunities.

All manufacturers aim to get their website to be No 1 in Google for the product or products they supply. At present, we are normally within the first 10 entries on Google for our targeted product groups (keywords) but we are constantly trying to improve our ranking further within Google and other search engines. As a consequence of our website being nearer the top of searches for selected keywords, you could well see an increase in enquiries directed to your own company and hence your sales.

The more visits we have to our site, the more chance we have of achieving a higher Google ranking. By putting a link from your website to ours, you can help us achieve this and it would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a .GIF of our logo to help with this. If you would like a copy of the logo in a different format please e-mail me and I will be happy to send it.

Newsletter 15.

Launch of DA180 Intrinsically Safe LED Clusters

Following some delays in the certification process, we are now able to officially launch our DA180 Intrinsically Safe LED Clusters. These devices work in the same way as our DA170 LED Clusters but are 66mm in diameter so can been seen from a greater distance and are visible from the side. The DA180 is ATEX certified for use in zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas and is available in a choice of six colours.

A full launch pack will be despatched to all agents in the next few days. Full details are available on our website, including datasheet, instruction sheet and press release. Please contact our Sales Office for further information.

Results of recent Customer Surveys

As part of our requirement for compliance to International quality assurance standards ISO9001, and to ensure we understand the aspirations and expectations of our customers, we need to complete a certain quota of Customer Satisfaction Surveys each year. Our Quality Manager, Patrick Norton, analyses the data to give us a picture of how we are improving over time or to enable us to investigate the root cause of any problem areas and put corrective actions in place.

According to Patrick, “The recent results show an average % score of approximately 75% which has been increasing gradually over the last few years. There is still room for improvement to give our customers a world class service!”

As our partners are a vital link to our end customers around the world, your opinion is very valuable to us, so I would request that you complete our brief survey. It will only take a minute or two and will allow us to work on improvements to the service we offer. click here to take the survey.

Combined Event Recorder and Alarm System

We have just shipped a number of systems for a key client in the Middle East that again demonstrates RTK’s capabilities in providing not only the Alarm Annunciators and the Event Recorders but these integrated into finished systems in accordance with the client’s detailed specification.

These systems were undertaken for a well known Engineering Contractor and were subject to the usual contractual terms and significant documentation requirements, all of which have been handled by the System Team.

The RTK equipment was selected as we are able to supply cost-effective complete systems, fully documented and ready to install on site. These systems, both Annunciator and Event Recorders, are consistent in their appearance and operation and were shown to surpass the stringent standards required by the customer during the Factory Acceptance Tests.

Documents available in Translation

Just to remind you that, as well as the UK version of our Shortform brochure, we also have this brochure available in translation on our website. We have the following foreign language versions:

We also have US sized versions of the Shortform brochure and most of our datasheets available to download on our website.

click here for the US sized versions

In addition, we have a white version of the Shortform online which we have produced in response to comments from people that the charcoal grey version uses a large amount of toner!

click here for the white versions